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In this website you can find information about literature on Chinese and German philately.
In addition, you'll find a comprehensive review of the market situation by hammer prices for which these entires were finally sold at international auctions.
The entires are described in brief but exponentially and - and this is the special value of this catalogue - for each of them is shown the price, to be exact: the price this item was sold for by one of the auction companies. So you will have real prices and not only estimates. If you add further 20 to 25 percent (auction surcharges) you will exactly know what this card or cover is worth or at least was worth a buyer.

In China Philately Vol.I you'll find the images of several hundreds of covers and postcards of the Foreign Post Offices in China at the turn of the century. Many of the Russian mail cancels are described in detail according to Tchilinghirian.
On 365 pages of the Vol. II are shown about 1,000 b/w pics of covers and cards of the Chinese Empire issues.

In Vol. II you'll find the images of 1000 covers and postcards of; Historic Documents, Large Dragon, Small Dragon, Dowager Empress, Red Revenues, Imperial Chinese Post, Chinese Imperial Post, Customs Mail Matter Handstamps and Paid Handstamps etc.

In Vol. III you'll find the images of 750 covers and postcards of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Tibet


English-language books

China Philately Vol. I

China Philately Vol. II

China Philately Vol. III 2017

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German-language books

Brustschildmarken 1872-1874

Deutsche Lokalausgaben 1945

Deutsche Lokalausgaben 1945