Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. II

Chinese Imperial Post C.I.P.

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OVERSEAS MAIL C.P.O. Mengtsz - F.I.P.O. Mongtze to France

Description: 1903, envelope to France, franked on the obverse with 1/2c brown (2) and 1c ochre, tied by violet MENGTSZ native c.d.s., passed to the French Post Office in Indochina, franked on the obverse with French Indochine 'Chine' 25c, tied by Mongtze c.d.s. of Apr 30, on reverse several transit- and arrival marks /
Condition: Envelope opened out for display and perforation of one 1/2c somewhat damaged.
Auction: 297th Köhler Wiesbaden / Germany 1998
Minimum bid: DEM 2,000.00
Hammer price: DEM 4,100.00

Chinese Imperial Post from Mengtsz via F.I.P.O. Laokay to Peking

Description: 1902 Mar 3, red-band envelope from Mengtsz to Peking (French P.O. arrival c.d.s. of Apr 8) via Hokow (Mar 11) and Hanoi (Mar 20-21), franked with 10c, tied by MENGTSZ tombstone handstamp, passed to the French Indochina Post Office, franked with 25c, tied by 'Laokay Tonkin' c.d.s. of Mar 12 /
Note: A splendid example of routing of mail from the Imperial P.O. in Indochina through the French P.O. for transmission to China proper.
Condition: Envelope opened out for display.
Auction: Zurich Asia Limited / Hong Kong 2001
Minimum bid: HK$ 10,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 18,400.00