Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. II

Small Dragon

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INCOMING MAIL Egypt to Peking

Description: 1892 March 20, postcard from Egypt to Peking, the '3m on 5m' postcard from Cairo to Peking, up-rated with Egypt 2m, Hong Kong transit backstamp, carried to Tientsin, Customs Tientsin arrival c.d.s. of Apr 27 in blue on the reverse, red Customs Tientsin of Apr 29 on the obverse, there franked with 1888 'clean-cut perforation' 1ca green horizontal pair paying the postage due, tied by TIENTSIN seal cancellation in blue, Customs Peking arrival of May 1 /
Note: Single domestic postcard rate of 2 candarins.
Canc.: red "CUSTOMS APL 29 92 TIENTSIN" (denoting postage due), blue TIENTSIN chops, (reverse: British "HONG KONG B AP 21 92" and blue Chinese "CUSTOMS APL 30 92 TIENTSIN" and "IG CUSTOMS MAY 1 90 PEKING")
Condition: Corner fold, otherwise fine
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1999
Minimum bid: HK$ 30,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 63,250.00

INCOMING MAIL Switzerland to Peking

Description: 1892 Oct 10, envelope from Switzerland to Peking, franked with Switzerland 25c, the adhesive with a restored corner, tied by Avenches c.d.s. of dispatch, Hong Kong code 'B' transit c.d.s. on th reverse of Nov 17, carried to Shanghai and passed to the Imperial Customs, franked with 1888 'clean-cut perforation' 3ca mauve to pay the postage due, tied by SHANGHAI Customs c.d.s. of Nov 21 in black, Customs Tientsin transit c.d.s. in red of Nov 29 /
Note: 3 candarins postage due on cover from Switzerland covering the internal rate from Shanghai via Tientsin to Peking.
Canc.: black "CUSTOMS SHANGHAI NOV 21 92" and red "CUSTOMS TIENTSIN NOV 29 92"
Auction: SOTHEBY'S and CORINPHILA in association / Hong Kong 1999
Minimum bid: HK$ 20,000.00
Hammer price: HK$ 48,300.00