Stamp Catalogue

China Philately Vol. III

Imperial Chinese Post Offices in Tibet

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Lhasa to Darjeeling

Description: 1911 Sep 2, registered "O'Sullivan" envelope from Gyantse to Darjeeling, franked five lower values of the surcharged set and tied by "Gyantse-Tibet" (type C3), showing R Gyangtse" registered handstamp, in combination with India 1/2a and 2a, cancelled "Yatung-Tibet"(type B2) of Sep 4, on reverse registered label with scarce "Yatung-Tibet F.P.O. No 70" /
Condition: Envelope opened out for display, otherwise fine.
Auction: Harmers of London / Great Britain 1995
Minimum bid: £GB 1,000.00
Hammer price: £GB 1,006.00

Lhasa to Peking

Description: 1911 Sep 13, registered envelope from Lhasa to Peking, via the ancient Silk route through Chamdo, Batang, Tachienlu, Yachowfu and Chengtu, franked with "1r on $1" and "2r on $2" (it is scored across the lower part of the stamp, but does not detract), cancelled "Lhasa. Tibet" (type C4), showing "R Lhasa" Registered handstamp and "AR" in circle (type CR3) alongside, backstamped "Batang" (Oct 4), "Tachienlu" (Dec 1), "Yachowfu" (Dec 14) and "Peking" /
Note: Only seven covers are known to have survived from this 5,200 km journey that was covered by post riders in four and half months. This is the rarest franking of the whole Chinese Imperial period of Tibet. Signed Hellrigl.
Auction: Harmers of London / Great Britain 1995
Minimum bid: £GB 7,500.00
Hammer price: £GB 8,381.00